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Frequently asked questions

On the UCL FTR

1. What is the UCL FTR?

The UCL FTR is a leading student publication covering the latest innovations happening within the FinTech, Finance and Technology spheres.  With so much growth happening within this space, we aim to provide an online learning hub that will help students unravel industry discourse, connect individual events to broader trends and discover the latest news. 


2. What is the relation between UCL FinTech Society and UCL FTR?

Managed by the research division of the UCL FinTech Society, UCL FTR is the official publication of the society — you can think of this Review as the ‘press arm’.

3. There are many society publications that publish content on finance, economics and tech. Why should I read UCL FTR?

We understand that the student media space is becoming increasingly saturated which is why we brand ourselves as an ‘innovation and growth’ focused publication: we do not only want to help our writers and readers track the seemingly endless-cycle of current affairs events, we also want them to be able to form an opinion and think about future trends and the broader impact beyond single events.  Believing in the power of community impact, we hope to use this space to nurture writing talent and form a friendly journalistic group.

On Submissions

4. I am a UCL Student and I want to get involved. What kind of opportunities are available? 

Section Correspondent Position

Forming the basis of the UCL FTR Writing team, an Correspondent will be assigned to write on topics related to one of the seven sections (Tech, Finance, FinTech, Data and AI, ESG, Entrepreneurship and Opinions).

Available to any UCL student (from all years and academic degrees), applications for the Section Correspondent position open between September to October every year.  Applications for 2021/22 Vacancies will open in October 2021.

First-Year Representative (FYR) Position (Research Division)

Shadowing the members of the UCL FinTech Society Committee, a FYR will work with the Research team to support the organisational and operational aspects of running a newsroom, as well as gain first-hand experience on editing.  

Available to any first-year UCL student (from all years and academic degrees), applications for the Section Correspondent position open during the beginning of October every year. 

We are continually expanding so new roles may pop up throughout the academic year. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Page to receive the latest updates on role openings and the application process.

Contact Us

5. I am a student entrepreneur. Are there any opportunities to promote my project/company?

Yes! Understanding the difficulty of gaining traction as a startup, we would love to offer UCL FTR as a resource to promote your startup via interviews and feature articles if you are a student entrepreneur or alumni at UCL and/or your startup offers opportunities or resources available to UCL students.


Please get in touch at

6. I have a question which I cannot find the answer to in this FAQ. Who can I contact?

Enquiries regarding the research division and collaboration opportunities specifically with UCL FTR should be directed to ‍‍


Enquiries regarding general opportunities and events at UCL FinTech society should be directed to

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