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Introducing Amr Shaker (Business Coach): Future of Finance 2021 Preview

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The 2021 Future of Finance (FoF) Conference will be taking place online on March 6th. Bringing together the brightest minds from all across Europe and top executives from leading industry disruptors, FoF is THE premier event for financial innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hosted by 6 of the LARGEST careers societies from leading global universities, this event is proudly brought to you by UCL FinTech Society, LSE SU FinTech Society, LSE PRIS, Imperial Finance Society, Warwick Entrepreneurs Society & King's Business Club.

We are delighted to introduce one of our speakers for the Business & Entrepreneurship

Panel, Amr Shaker. To learn more about our speaker, check out UCL Finance & Technology Review's exclusive interview with Amr below:


Amr Shaker is working as a Business Coach, at his own company named Amr Shaker, which he founded and built up himself.

1. What inspired you to start your Coaching business?

After several years through which I was asked by friends and colleagues to coach them when they were going through difficult times or adapting to life changes, I realized the positive impact of offering a “modular-coaching service” adapted to the needs of each person or organization. Why adapted? Every person and working body goes through different cycles of self-transformation driven by many factors. With all actual life challenges, many people need guidance and support in their quest to make something meaningful out of their journey. Being able to identify where I could make a difference for this target market was the key inspiration driver for making this move.

2. What do you think are the most-important skills and knowledge sets needed for young professionals to thrive in the business ecosystem today?

In my view, in the business world and more general in life, the first and most important skill is “Passion”. Select your project, your job and your life: focus in coherence with what you are passionate about. Clear Vision, True Creativity, Resilience and Credibility are all very-important skills that enable young professionals to find their place in today’s ecosystem. True passion is the best guide to put all of those very-relevant skills into music. The second very-important pillar is to be knowledgeable about your “Play Field” i.e. your market value SWOT analysis can be one of the tools used to find this. But you also need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers to be able to meet and exceed his expectations; market knowledge is key to detecting new business opportunities. The third pillar is the ability to build the right teaming. When meeting customer expectations, you need the skills to select the right partners. The term 'partners' encompass many players. Also, you need the skills on how to build the right mindset through common objectives; it is important to forge coherence with all those partners. Remember: Business is about people. Not only that, life is about people. Be passionate, be open to learn and be ready to embrace new challenges. This is the secret of success.

To find out more about entrepreneurship and the changing faces of the business world, join the Business & Entrepreneurship Panel (12:30-13:15 GMT) during the Future of Finance Conference on 6th March. The virtual conference will be streamed via UCL FinTech Society's Facebook and Youtube page.

Follow the Facebook event for updates.

Interviewed by Sonia Chui (UCL) and Paul Courtioux (KCL)

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